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Training for family professionals
This is a research based programme written by Dr Lisa Doodson that has been specifically designed for individuals who interact with stepfamilies in a professional capacity and need to understand their unique needs in order to provide effective ongoing support an advice. It iwll also help professionals plan different types of interventions with stepfamilies including 1-1 counselling, mediation and group workshops. The training course lasts for a full day and consists of group and individual excercises to encourage participation and encourage learning. All participants are given a comprehensive handbook which they use throughout the training course and can take away for future reference.
Topics Covered within the workshops
  • Latest stepfamily research and statistics
  • Identifying stepfamily myths and realities
  • Understanding the ambiguity of stepfamily roles and identification of alternative styles
  • Developing realistic expectations for the stepfamily
  • The importance of the couple relationship
  • The spiral of destructive behaviour
  • Effective communication
  • Identifying and reducing stress and anxiety
  • The importance of building an integrated stepfamily
  • Learning to recognise and use effective coping strategies


Reference sites 


The course has been successfully delivered to local authorities and National Charities. For more information or reference sites please  contact us.