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Stepfamily Articles
No-one said being part of a stepfamily would be easy - but the chances are no-one really told you how hard it could be either! Many stepparents struggle with issues from understanding their role in the family, to dealing with their partners ex, to getting on with their stepchildren. We've put together a number of articles which will hopefully give you some help in adapting to stepfamily life. If there's a particular issue that's worrying you why not drop us a line and we'll try and help. 

New articles
Understanding finances in Stepfamilies- For many of us, being part of a stepfamily means ongoing financial links with previous partners - with either money coming in or leaving the household to support the children and/or their parents. This area is often a minefield and the cause of endless arguments between partners. The following article takes a look at some of the things you might not have considered and provides food for thought in this important area. 
Stepfamily Quiz- A lighthearted look at testing your knowledge of stepfamilies
Understanding your Role
- An article looking at how you and your partner can better define your role in the family
Effective Co-parenting-Learning to work effectively with an ex partner is inherently part of being a stepfamily. This article looks at the choices stepparents have.

The Importance of Social Support- We all need help, from our partners, our friends and our wider family. This article looks at the effect social support has on our wellbeing.
The Stepfamily Cycle- Learn about the development cycle of stepfamilies and work out how far along the path you and your family are.
Successful Stepparenting- Couples who've been through all the difficult times and come out the other side share their tips on what works and what doesn't!