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About Us
Happy Steps was founded by Dr Lisa Doodson, a chartered Psychologist and expert in stepfamily dynamics. As well as having an understanding of stepfamilies first hand, Lisa has spent many years researching stepfamilies.  Her own research involved over 250 stepmums and is the most comprehensive study of its kind ever conducted in the UK.  Lisa has used the findings from this research to help develop the Happy Steps courses and workshops.
Her book entitled 'How to be a Happy Stepmum' is full of helpful advice and tips on how to become more confident and relaxed in your stepfamily.
In addition to running Happy Steps, Lisa is an Associate Dean at Regent's University, London.where she also lectures in Psychology.
Why Happy Steps?
During her research on stepfamilies, Lisa realised that stepfamilies really had nowhere to go for help and advice. They 'fell through the cracks' of existing support
Lisa is committed to providing a single point of contact for stepfamilies and professionals who work with stepfamilies to offer them the advise and guidance they need to help build stronger and happier stepfamilies.